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  • CL SCAMMER. Goes by Tim, Christian Smith. Claims to be a “hacker” and does a FICO mask. All fraud!!

  • +18882715799 called me twice about my Verizon account but I have a prepaid account then claim some guy ordered 4 phones under my name never once saying my name. Turns out they were looking for someone else and immediately hung up. I called back later saying I missed a call and the same guy hung up. Scam

  • telemarketer


  • Hacker seeking to gain access to facebook account through a text message with a fake facebook page.

  • THIS COMPANY IS FAKE!!! They claim to be Allied Interstate LLC. They tried to come after me for "default' student loans and were rude. I did my research and I'm not in default. They have no right to collect on ANY debt. They do not use a professional demeanor and belittle you into guilt so that you will pay. Your money will not be applied to anything that they find on your 'credit report'. These people couldn't tell me my last name, but insisted that I owed. The payment address is a PO Box and the federal government will not have you send any money to a PO BOX. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

  • Robo calls

  • This idiot is calling at indecent times. Send him to HELL George

  • Brenda Newman left me a voice mail stating she is with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that someone had sold my information to a 3rd party, and to call her back. I called the number back after hours, and the outgoing message only says "Brenda Newman." I highly doubt this is legitimate.

  • scam robo call

  • Time waster, picture collector, very disrespectful, vulgar and never stops texting or asking the dumbest questions. Don't reply unless you want the worst conversation.

  • Continuously showing "CALL US@800-960-4210" on the taskbar of a Windows 10 PC. Initial research shows that it may be a company that tracks and sends back info on where you've been surfing, etc. Also Known As SPYING. It is a service by Kingswell Services, AKA Gateway Specialist LLC. Trying to find a way to remove it so that they will stop spying on my mother's PC on AOL's behalf. I have been trying for 15 years to get her to dump AOL - precisely because of crap like this.

  • scam in spanish

  • 8:55 am rec'd a call from 762-200-7808 ... answered to silence ... no one said anything and after a bit the line was dropped. Someone needs to get a life, instead of making such BS calls to businesses that have better things to do then answer such BS calls.

  • Bank of america? Dont know