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  • This is one of the many phone numbers to the "Miller Corporation" (347-452-4648) - if you google Miller Corporation (what the very aggressive, rude person on the phone says they work with), that's a real estate group (poor blokes) / these loan sharks are actually affiliated with Miller Capitol (https://www.millercapitalinc.***/) My company has been respectfully declining their services since April 2019, they refuse to stop calling and har%[email protected]#$ing our colleagues Heads up, Ryan and Rod are the names that are constantly badgering us; they're very quick to mention names of individuals that work at our company (so, it seems they know how to google, bravo?) and then tell us they have a personal relationship with those individuals, or they are returning a phone call--- not the case They have been reported to better business bureau, for whatever that's worth
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    Got 4 calls in a row, and they left a voicemail with the last call. It was a scratchy recording of a computer voice (man) saying it was Amazon and they suspected fraudulent activity with an order of a thousand some on my card. (Like Amazon gives a crap about that. They’ll take money whether it’s fraudulent or not. LMAO) Anyway, that’s what it was. Hope this helps someone else.


    sexual criminal


    sexual criminal




    this phone number is on a postcard received today. Doesn't that make it a felony then? Using the USPS to orchestrate a scam? Postmarked Orlando and says call Mrs. King 9a to 9p 7 days a week.


    Deisy loya leyva Daisy loya leyva She os a disguesting person She sleeps with married men and destroys families She works at ombatsman charter west


    Calls are from ClinLife


    Great company


    Thi number is a scam. Don t answer it.