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  • 4126346083
    +1 412-634-6083
    (412) 634-6083

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  • This is a scammer calling from India,they will tell you that your Social security number has been compromised and stolen by some one in a different state,they will ask you to google your local police department,and they will call you from that number,while you talking to him on the phone your phone will ring from your local police department( A Google subscriber number)any DOG can do that,they will ask you to remain on both lines To prevent anybody from calling you Total scam do not fall to these jack%[email protected]#$es
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    Calls are from ClinLife


    Great company


    Thi number is a scam. Don t answer it.


    Self-proclaimed to be a USPS officer.


    hit my bank account for 69.00 Fraud


    Cl Scammer goes by Tim will show you screenshots of credit mask all scam BEWARE


    Do not trust


    Microsoft account scammer