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  • 8889806322
    +1 888-980-6322
    (888) 980-6322

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  • another com%[email protected]#$r scam company as far as I can tell. I keep getting the same message that I was getting for months on end but the phone number is different telling me I need to pay $299.99 or my com%[email protected]#$r service will be terminated! The same pattern is showing up. 3 calls on my land line. then they call a few minutes later and 3 more. THEN I get the same pattern on my cell.(3 times again) I'm CHARGED for a certain number of messages left on my cell if it's p%[email protected]#$ed a certain number! I got a bill for double my cell bill for 3 months running because of the constant messages left by these scammers!! something needs to be done!!
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    Calls are from ClinLife


    Great company


    Thi number is a scam. Don t answer it.


    Self-proclaimed to be a USPS officer.


    hit my bank account for 69.00 Fraud


    Cl Scammer goes by Tim will show you screenshots of credit mask all scam BEWARE


    Do not trust


    Microsoft account scammer